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The synoptic project showcase is in a few weeks time i and i thought i would write thid blog post reflecting on the project as a whole. Our project is a 4 player low poly racing game set in the 80’s. The game is very bright and fun to play.

I am very happy with how myself and the group have worked over the last 5 months to get our game playable and ready for the showcase. We had worked well in a team always given each other feedback on areas to improve. My task throughout the project was lead artist and 3d modeler. I find myself good at 3d modelling and drawing. I had drawn concepts for what the game would look like from the camera view. I had also drawn cars that the 3d modelers would use as reference. I personally think the 3d models that i had made are good and fit the game well. I think that improving my skills in Maya and learning new tools that i haven’t used before will make the models that i make better.

Personal Development

My development throughout the project was good. I was learning new skills along the way. This synoptic project had gave me an idea of what working in industry is like. Time management is very important as a team doesn’t want to fall behind on a big project. Communication is also important as each team member as a specific role and they need to inform others of what they have done and what they plan to work on. Scrums are a great way to discuss ideas.

The Production Process

My time management, organisation and teamwork i find was good during the production of our game. I had kept myself going. When i had completed a model i would go straight onto the next one and so on. I had made 3 cars, a few buildings, a few obstacles and a tunnel. All of which have been used in the game. To keep the team and myself on track we had stuck with the group production schedule and my own production schedule.


Working as a team is essential when working on a big project. Its important to keep up to date with letting team members know that you are working on. It is also good to gave out feedback to team members to help them improve on what they are doing. The team and i had worked together really well. Always talking and given each other new ideas to try out. Trusting team mates is also important as you need them to do complete what they have been assigned to do. If a member of the team was falling behind then another member would try and help out and get them back on track.

3D modelling solving.

As there was 3 of us working on 3d models we could help each other if we had came across a problem. Each person had their own skills when working on the 3d models so if there was someone struggling the either one of the other two would of been able to find a way. I have been learning new skills along the way that will help me when making new models both low and high poly.


Juiced Up game city

Here is the groups asset list that we all worked from. At the beginning we prioritised what was high priority and what was low priority but we would still try and get everything done that was needed to be done for the game. As you can see from the image below we have completed almost everything for the game. The high priority assets were all completed.

Assest List juiced Up.png

The image below is the group production schedule. This is what the group and I would look at to keep us on track with our game. This kept us organised and made our time management better as we knew what we were doing and how long we had to work on a specific thing.

Group production shedule juiced up.png

Trench Shotgun Model

Over the past few weeks as well as working on the synoptic project i have been looking for new ideas to model for my portfolio. With the deadline for my portfolio submission being in the next 3 weeks i  have been making models to show off in it. My most recent model i have made is a trench shotgun. For a while now i have wanted to make some kind of gun.

To make this shotgun i have used the program Maya. I have used this program since the beginning of the course and i feel very comfortable using this program. During the modeling stage i came across a problem. I had faces inside of faces in some areas where i had used the extraude tool. I also needed to sort out the overall smoothness of the model.

Here are a few images below of what the model looked like in Maya:

After i had completed modelling the shotgun in Maya and i was happy with the way it looked i took it into Substance Painter and textured it. To keep the textures looking smooth with no stretches, i added lambert’s to each part of the model i wanted to texture on its own.

Here are a few images below of the shotgun after it has been textured;

Juiced Up game Update

With the submission deadline approaching as a group we are all working very hard to get our game close to a fully completed stage. We have been making new assets for the game to fill out the environment within the scene. We are making crazy buildings with emissive colours to be put in the environment of our game. As a group we have decided that we are going to keep the colours the same for the showcase.

Juiced Up game city

I think a way to improve this game is to have barriers around the full track. This will keep all players from falling off the track and keep races closer and more exciting.

The form below is my own contribution form. Everything I have worked on for this project and how long it had taken me is writing down on this form. I do plan to work on more assets for the game and when I do I will write them down on this form.

Individual contribution form

Below is our group production schedule. When we first started the project we wrote how many assets we wanted in the game. We had wanted 42 in total. As we were working through the project you can see from the graph that we were behind on assets for the game. The time we were behind the team and I felt like we were rushing things. To fix this we had scrums and talked about what we were thinking and how we could help each other. After being behind for weeks we did catch up. We are now ahead of time and we are working hard getting the assets we need done.

Group production shedule


Juiced Up gameplay Update 2 .

Our project has been coming along really well over the last couple of weeks. The last update that I had done on this game we only had 2 screen with two cars in the scene. We have now added obstacles to the game. At the moment the obstacles are barrels but we do have cones and a barriers in the Google drive that are ready to be but in the game. Myself, Kurtis and Jake are still working on buildings for the game. As the video shows the game is now a 4 player game. All the cars are different in shape and colour. We have music in the game now. Each time the game plays or is replayed a song will be played at random. There is 12 songs that can be played.

As a group we are all talking and coming up with new ideas for the game. We are thinking about making 2 or 3 different tracks. We can make different tracks its just we all need to think if we need them.

Jay has been working on the promotional side of our game. He has completed the art book and he is now working on posters for the game and also promotions. He has made a front and a back cover for the game.

juiced up game cover.png

Scrums have been going well. We are talking everyday on how we can improve the game. We are using social media to do this.

Juiced Up. The Art Book

Over the past few weeks me and the group have ben working on the art book for our game. For the art book all the work that we have done for game have been rendered and have been put into the art book template that we were given. The art book will be shown off in the final showcase of our game.

As a group we are all happy with how the art book looks.

The next improvement that we are going to add to our game is making it a 4 lap race. This allows the players to race round the track longer and it also lets the music that we have play out for longer.

Juiced Up Gameplay Video

Here is a video of our game Juiced Up in its current stage. We have uploaded it onto YouTube. A few things have been change since my last update of the game. The cars are feeling a lot smoother than they used to. There is now a skybox around the world. This skybox has made the game look so much better than it used to. As a group we have decided to change the colours a little bit. The game still feels like a 80’s racer but instead of the purple colours we had before the game is now different shades of blue. The blue shows of the emissive parts of peoples models better in the scene. The game also has an automatic respawn system. This means that when a player falls off the track at any stage, the player will respawn at the last checkpoint that he or she passed through.

The game also has a main menu and when a player finishes it comes up on the screen who finished 1st and who had finished second.

Sci Fi Turret

Turret side renderI have been working on a small turret that will go into my portfolio. I have used the program Maya to model it and Substance Painter to texture it. I am happy with the outcome of this model. turret front render

Juiced Up Project Update

This week me and the group have all been working hard on getting our game completed in time for the deadline. Myself, Jake and Kurtis have been modelling some assets for the scene. I have made a barrel and a barrier that are going to be used as obstacles within the game. Jake has been working on some crazy buildings for the game and kurtis is working on some more obstacles.

As the art book deadline approaches Jay has been bringing it all together. All the renders of the models we have made are currently in the Google drive and are ready to be put in the art book.

Adam Pace is working on the code. He is currently creating s skybox in Photoshop for the game. He has made the car mechanics feel a lot smoother when driving around corners.

We have been scrumming weekly and talking about what we are working on and what we plan to work on when finished.

Here is a rendered image of the barrel I have made:

Barrel render

Here is a rendered image of the barrier I have modelled:


Sci Fi Turret

turret stand 2.pngTurret stand.pngTurret guns

Here is some images of a Sci Fi turret model that I am currently working on alongside the synoptic project. I have always wanted to make a turret 3d model. I have gathered some reference images to work from.

The next step for this model is to make the solid box for the cannons to fit in. When this is done I will UV unwrap it and take it into substance Painter were I will texture it.


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