Last Post on Synoptic Project.

The synoptic project showcase is in a few weeks time i and i thought i would write thid blog post reflecting on the project as a whole. Our project is a 4 player low poly racing game set in the 80’s. The game is very bright and fun to play.

I am very happy with how myself and the group have worked over the last 5 months to get our game playable and ready for the showcase. We had worked well in a team always given each other feedback on areas to improve. My task throughout the project was lead artist and 3d modeler. I find myself good at 3d modelling and drawing. I had drawn concepts for what the game would look like from the camera view. I had also drawn cars that the 3d modelers would use as reference. I personally think the 3d models that i had made are good and fit the game well. I think that improving my skills in Maya and learning new tools that i haven’t used before will make the models that i make better.

Personal Development

My development throughout the project was good. I was learning new skills along the way. This synoptic project had gave me an idea of what working in industry is like. Time management is very important as a team doesn’t want to fall behind on a big project. Communication is also important as each team member as a specific role and they need to inform others of what they have done and what they plan to work on. Scrums are a great way to discuss ideas.

The Production Process

My time management, organisation and teamwork i find was good during the production of our game. I had kept myself going. When i had completed a model i would go straight onto the next one and so on. I had made 3 cars, a few buildings, a few obstacles and a tunnel. All of which have been used in the game. To keep the team and myself on track we had stuck with the group production schedule and my own production schedule.


Working as a team is essential when working on a big project. Its important to keep up to date with letting team members know that you are working on. It is also good to gave out feedback to team members to help them improve on what they are doing. The team and i had worked together really well. Always talking and given each other new ideas to try out. Trusting team mates is also important as you need them to do complete what they have been assigned to do. If a member of the team was falling behind then another member would try and help out and get them back on track.

3D modelling solving.

As there was 3 of us working on 3d models we could help each other if we had came across a problem. Each person had their own skills when working on the 3d models so if there was someone struggling the either one of the other two would of been able to find a way. I have been learning new skills along the way that will help me when making new models both low and high poly.


Juiced Up game city

Here is the groups asset list that we all worked from. At the beginning we prioritised what was high priority and what was low priority but we would still try and get everything done that was needed to be done for the game. As you can see from the image below we have completed almost everything for the game. The high priority assets were all completed.

Assest List juiced Up.png

The image below is the group production schedule. This is what the group and I would look at to keep us on track with our game. This kept us organised and made our time management better as we knew what we were doing and how long we had to work on a specific thing.

Group production shedule juiced up.png

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