Trench Shotgun Model

Over the past few weeks as well as working on the synoptic project i have been looking for new ideas to model for my portfolio. With the deadline for my portfolio submission being in the next 3 weeks i  have been making models to show off in it. My most recent model i have made is a trench shotgun. For a while now i have wanted to make some kind of gun.

To make this shotgun i have used the program Maya. I have used this program since the beginning of the course and i feel very comfortable using this program. During the modeling stage i came across a problem. I had faces inside of faces in some areas where i had used the extraude tool. I also needed to sort out the overall smoothness of the model.

Here are a few images below of what the model looked like in Maya:

After i had completed modelling the shotgun in Maya and i was happy with the way it looked i took it into Substance Painter and textured it. To keep the textures looking smooth with no stretches, i added lambert’s to each part of the model i wanted to texture on its own.

Here are a few images below of the shotgun after it has been textured;

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