Juiced Up game Update

With the submission deadline approaching as a group we are all working very hard to get our game close to a fully completed stage. We have been making new assets for the game to fill out the environment within the scene. We are making crazy buildings with emissive colours to be put in the environment of our game. As a group we have decided that we are going to keep the colours the same for the showcase.

Juiced Up game city

I think a way to improve this game is to have barriers around the full track. This will keep all players from falling off the track and keep races closer and more exciting.

The form below is my own contribution form. Everything I have worked on for this project and how long it had taken me is writing down on this form. I do plan to work on more assets for the game and when I do I will write them down on this form.

Individual contribution form

Below is our group production schedule. When we first started the project we wrote how many assets we wanted in the game. We had wanted 42 in total. As we were working through the project you can see from the graph that we were behind on assets for the game. The time we were behind the team and I felt like we were rushing things. To fix this we had scrums and talked about what we were thinking and how we could help each other. After being behind for weeks we did catch up. We are now ahead of time and we are working hard getting the assets we need done.

Group production shedule


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