Juiced Up gameplay Update 2 .

Our project has been coming along really well over the last couple of weeks. The last update that I had done on this game we only had 2 screen with two cars in the scene. We have now added obstacles to the game. At the moment the obstacles are barrels but we do have cones and a barriers in the Google drive that are ready to be but in the game. Myself, Kurtis and Jake are still working on buildings for the game. As the video shows the game is now a 4 player game. All the cars are different in shape and colour. We have music in the game now. Each time the game plays or is replayed a song will be played at random. There is 12 songs that can be played.

As a group we are all talking and coming up with new ideas for the game. We are thinking about making 2 or 3 different tracks. We can make different tracks its just we all need to think if we need them.

Jay has been working on the promotional side of our game. He has completed the art book and he is now working on posters for the game and also promotions. He has made a front and a back cover for the game.

juiced up game cover.png

Scrums have been going well. We are talking everyday on how we can improve the game. We are using social media to do this.

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