Juiced Up Project Update

This week me and the group have all been working hard on getting our game completed in time for the deadline. Myself, Jake and Kurtis have been modelling some assets for the scene. I have made a barrel and a barrier that are going to be used as obstacles within the game. Jake has been working on some crazy buildings for the game and kurtis is working on some more obstacles.

As the art book deadline approaches Jay has been bringing it all together. All the renders of the models we have made are currently in the Google drive and are ready to be put in the art book.

Adam Pace is working on the code. He is currently creating s skybox in Photoshop for the game. He has made the car mechanics feel a lot smoother when driving around corners.

We have been scrumming weekly and talking about what we are working on and what we plan to work on when finished.

Here is a rendered image of the barrel I have made:

Barrel render

Here is a rendered image of the barrier I have modelled:


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