Juiced Up Gameplay Video

Here is a video of our game Juiced Up in its current stage. We have uploaded it onto YouTube. A few things have been change since my last update of the game. The cars are feeling a lot smoother than they used to. There is now a skybox around the world. This skybox has made the game look so much better than it used to. As a group we have decided to change the colours a little bit. The game still feels like a 80’s racer but instead of the purple colours we had before the game is now different shades of blue. The blue shows of the emissive parts of peoples models better in the scene. The game also has an automatic respawn system. This means that when a player falls off the track at any stage, the player will respawn at the last checkpoint that he or she passed through.

The game also has a main menu and when a player finishes it comes up on the screen who finished 1st and who had finished second.

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