Juiced Up MVP feedback.

Yesterday the me and the group showed off our game to the lecturers. We had received very helpful feedback from all the lectures. They had said that almost everything in the game games looks great.

“Menu is awesome” – maybe have the title that is selected turn a different colour so that the player knows what titles he or she has selected. We need to add a visual to tell the player to restart. “The game looks gorgeous” We need to add more crazy low poly assets to the environment. Some yellow sparks wold be really good to add. There is a slight problem within our game and that’s when the player stops accelerating the car doesn’t turn. A feature that we need to add is when the player falls of the map it restarts that player and not both of them. At the moment it restarts both of the players when one player presses the A button. We also need to look into the drifting mechanic more. Make it so when the player drifts around a corner, the back of the car is thrown out. We were also told to just keep up to date with our individual production schedule and our Art book.

Above is the feedback that we had received from the lecturers. The group and I have all had a few scrums since then and we have talked about what each person needs to work on and what needs doing for the project. Me, Jake, Kurtis and Jay are all working on crazy assets for our game. Adam P is working on the code for the game. His next task is to work on the drift mechanic.

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