Juiced Up – My contribution so far.

Over the course of the synoptic project i have been working very hard on both concept drawings for the game and 3D models for the game.When the project first started all i worked on was drawings. I was given the role of lead artist. It was my job to draw what models should look like in the game.

Using the program Maya 2017 i have made many different assets for our game. So far i have made;

  • The Track
  • 3 different looking cars
  • race track barriers – both straight and curved
  • Start and Finish line
  • Textured the billboard

All of the above have been textured in Substance Painter and are currently in our game.

I do plan to work on more assets for the project. I am wanting to make some obstacles that would be placed at different parts on the track to try and slow down the player as the player is racing. In the game there are checkpoints that player goes through, but they are just particles around the track. I am going to make something to hide the particles  and make it look visually better for the player.

billboard render.png

This billboard was modeled by Jake Hugill. He wanted me to texture it for him so he could work on his car for the game. The image above is a rendered image of the billboard.

Ford Corsworth.png

The image above is one of the low poly cars i have made. I had taken inspiration from one of the most iconic cars from the 1980’s, the Ford Cosworth. Me and the group all thought the texturing didn’t go over the top, so I’ve kept it simple.

Renault 5 turbo.png

The car above is inspired from the Renault 5 turbo. I have used the emissive tool for some parts of this model. On both side and on the back of the car there is purple lines that glow pink. The part that makes this car a Renault 5 turbo is the front rally car like lights.

Start and Finish Line render.png

The start and finish line model is completed. This model didn’t really take long to make. I have also used the emissive tool on this model. The text and the arrows are emissive and so are the sphere’s at the top of each pole.

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