Juiced Up – Project Update.

Juiced Up racing .gif

Here is a GIF of what our game was looking like a few days ago. As you can see the lighting in the environment in the scene has been toned down quite a bit. The group all decided that this would be best as it would make the whole game look more neon with the different shades of purple used.

Adam P has added a timer to the top right of the game. This shows players how well they are doing and it gives them a goal to beat their previous score from the lap before hand. He has also added a date to the top lift of the game. We all thought this would be good as it tells the players what year they are racing in. As the players are racing, there is a glitch effect that slowly moves from the top of the screen to the bottom. In the game, players will drive through checkpoints. The player will know when he or she has passed a checkpoint as the screen will flash for a split second. This allows players to restart from the last checkpoint if they have fallen of the track or have made a mistake and want to restart.

The group and I are happy with the look of the game at this current stage. We are working on buildings for the game, another car that I have almost completed, a billboard and some barriers to keep racers on the track.

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