Juiced Up – Project Update.

In my opinion our game is going well. We have a playable game in the engine Unity. The second car which is being modelled by Jake is almost done. He needs to UV unwrap it and add texture it. The buildings are coming along at a steady pace. We have a 3 buildings completed, they are textured and are ready to be put in the game.

My next task that I have set myself is to create a barrier to go around the edge of the track to keep the players from falling off it. I have drawn a couple concepts for this and I will scan them in. I am also going to help out to make a skyline for the game. We are wanting to have the skyline bright and colourful.

The game is looking good at the moment. Here is a GIF of the car racing along the track.


The car mechanics are really good. There is drifting in the game. Drifting is one mechanic that we all wanting in the game and we are all pleased with it. The group are also happy with how the track looks and how the car looks.

Jay has been working on the buttons for the main menu. He has created one button looking normal and another button with a glitch going through it. The glitch will happen when the player goes to select a button. I think having this effect looks really good as it makes the game feel more like an 80’s game.

select car buttonSelect button glitch

I have been working on the track for the game. I have modelled different parts of a normal race track to be used to make a race track for the game. StraightTrack.png

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