Juiced Up – Group Progress

Today me and the group have continued to work on out project Juiced Up. I set myself a few tasks to complete today. I wanted to created some barriers to go around the edges of the track to keep players from falling off it. I have made these barriers and here is a rendered that i made in Substance Painter,

Race track barriers.png

These barriers are made for the straight areas of the race track. I need to model some barriers that will fit around the curved parts of the race track. I have used blue as yellow colours as i feel they will stand out the best. The environment is quite dark and a purple colour.

Today i have also helped out Jake with his billboard model. He asked me to texture it for him as he was wanting to continue working on his car model. I said yes and the billboard is now complete and ready to be put in the scene. I manged to import our Juiced Up logo as a resource into Substance Painter. Doing this allowed me to place our logo onto the billboard using it as an alpha.

The group is still having our scrums letting each other know where we are currently at with the project and what we are working on and wanting to do after. In these scrums we are also giving each other constructive criticism to help improve a piece of art, a 3D model or the car mechanics. We are slightly behind on our production schedule but i feel we will catch up as we are working at a good pace.




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