Production Check

With the production check being in a week, my group are very close to completing the pre – production. The audio plan that we needed done is almost done we just need to add the sound effects to it and the source of where we found it from. The sound effects that we are needing for our game are a engine rev sound, tyre screech, collision sound, braking noise, start race noise and a race finish noise.

Adam Pace has continued with the code for the game. He has managed to make the car drive and turn very smoothly using the arrow keys o the keyboard. I have finished the groups production schedule and I have now started one of the vehicles for the game in Maya. Kurtis has drawn all of his concepts for the buildings that were need. Jay is finishing the audio plan and when he is done doing that, he is going to work on the menu art for the game, the HUD design and help out with the code. Jake is currently drawing concepts for the cars he is going to model.

When we all get started the production of the game, we all know the roles that each other have. We all have good team work skills and I think the outcome of our project will be very good.

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