Groups Pre – Production Feedback

A few days ago my group had presented our pre – production. We had received some feedback on what needs doing before we can go ahead with the project. The pre – production is to help the group stay on track and work at a good pace throughout the project.

pre prod feedback.png

Above is the feedback that we received. There is a few things that need finishing off, like the style guide, audio plan, individual production schedule, individual contribution form and the class and activity diagram. The style guide is currently getting done by the group leader Jake, I am currently making the group production look more presentable and adding a few more things to it. I need to fill in my own contribution form and I will do this when the groups production schedule is complete.

All the areas that are in green mean that they are complete and don’t need anymore work done to them. The areas that are in amber mean that they are alright but good do with some improvement here and there.

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