Synoptic Project – Juiced Up

The idea that we are going to be working on for the next 5 months is a neon racing game through a neon city, which is 1980’s themed. One of the main areas of our game that we want to have as a main mechanic is drifting. Our group consists of all the people who I talked to regularly. This is good as we will always be talked on what we’ve done and what is needed to be done. We all have roles that we are happy with.

There is three 3d modellers for this game. They are me, Kurtis B and Jake H. We all enjoy modelling and want to improve at it. Adam P is our programmer. His role is to have the car moving and drifting when using a controller. He is also going to create to HUD and the speedometer. Jay Laws is our UI designer and our second programmer. His role is design our logo, menu system, loading screen, start screen and end scene. He is also going to help Adam P with the coding as well.

So far I have drawn concepts of the map from above, the view from the camera behind the car and a car. The next thing I am going to do is draw another car and the UI.

We are currently working on the production schedule. The asset list is done and we are putting our drawings and ideas into our Trello.

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