My Synoptic Pitch.

For my synoptic project the idea that I am putting forward is a VR experience were the player will walk around an abandoned spaceship. Some parts of the ship with be intractable with the player. There will also be holograms dotted around the ship that will play when the player presses a button. For my idea I will need 2 3D modellers who would create all the assets needed. 1 programmer who will code the interaction within the spaceship and I will also need 1 VFX artist who will make the holograms.

vr odyessyA space Odysseyroom in space odyessy

A game I have taken inspiration from is Far Beyond, A Space Odyssey. The game is made for VR and within the game your objective is to fix the ship while keeping an eye on your fuel.

For the MVP I would like to have a completed room, fully textured and to include a working hologram that speaks to the player.


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