Chest Update: Finished. Creative and technical model.

Chest Professional

Creative and technical model

I have now completed my creative and technical model for the project I am involved in. I have worked on it for hours in Substance Painter. I didn’t have any major problems with this model, it was just the UV unwrapping process that had taken some time. This model has been used in the imagine worlds project.

To make this model I started off gathering images of many different medieval chests. I had then drawn out what I wanted my chest to look like. When this step was complete I used Maya to create the 3D model. I had spent quite a while on the 3D making it the best it could possible be. I then prepared it for Mudbox by making sure I had quads and not tris on the model. In Mudbox I made the edges of the chest look worn away as if it has been around for a long time. When the high poly was done I was then ready to texture it. The first step in Substance Painter was to bake the high poly version onto the low poly version. After that I textures the model using new tools like the polygon fill tool. I used Substance Painter to render out the chest.




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