Halfway Crit for Imagine Worlds.

Today me and my group have shown our lectures what we have done so far. We have showed them our trello, which shows of each model and what stage it is currently in. The lectures have given us feedback on how we could improve our trello. We could add labels to the tabs in trello. Each label will represent what models definitely need doing and what models don’t. For example, a red label means the model needs doing and a green label means the model isn’t really needed in the environment.

all imagine world work so far

He are some of the models I have created for the imagine worlds project. As you can see they are all low poly models. I will make a high poly version of each model in Maya. The chest is fully UV unwrapped and so is the sword. I am currently working on UV unwrapping the rest of the models I have done. When a model is complete it will be textured in Substance Painter.

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