Self Assessment on Project

For my project I am required to make assets that will fit into the style of our project. The style is medieval. I have modelled a hammer, a shield, a chest, a axe, and a sword. My job is to UV unwrap these models and add materials to them in Substance Painter. I have managed to model what I have needed to model but it is taken a bit of time to UV unwrap all of them due to faces inside of faces and other problems. I am going to follow a few tutorials on UV unwrapping to improve my knowledge on it. I will also ask my team members to see if they can help me UV unwrap.

So far I think my work is going well. I think that the models I have modelled are at a high quality for our project. I have used new tools in Maya like the crease tool to help with this. A tool a want to use more of is the target wield tool. This tool joins vertex’s together. This is a huge help when u want to join two edges together from different models.

I want improve my skills in Mudbox. The reason I want to do this is because I want to make detailed high poly versions of the models I make. To do this I will look at tutorials to improve my knowledge in the program.

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