Imagine Worlds Update.

Today I have modelled another asset for our forest settlement. I have discussed with my team what we are working on today as this week I am the scrum master. My job today was to model a water mill. As I have been modelling I’ve been asking my team members what they like about the model and what could be improved. This feedback has helped a lot with the overall model.

I have only completed the low poly version in Maya but I will take it into Mudbox to make the high poly version. I have talked to Jay, who is part of the team, about my model as he is today a house – like structure, similar to what I am doing. We have compared each others models and gave each other feedback. I still need to UV unwrap the model but when I have done this I will add textures to it in Substance Painter.

What has gone well? The modelling in general has gone well. I’ve had no too difficult problems with the modelling. There has been no faces inside of faces problems at all. The extrude tool hasn’t gave me any problems as well.

What hasn’t gone to well? I have had a few problems with the target weld tool as it would create edges that were quite hard to get too and delete them.

What could I improve? I think the roof could look more accurate. The roof support’s should have equal space between all four of the supports. I think the saw blade needs a little work done to it. The spikes on it need to look a lot sharper.water mill long shotwater mill wheelwater mill close up


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