Receiving Feedback on my Creative and Technical model.


Today I have received feedback from Victoria who is working in a group than me. She has completed a asset review sheet with ideas for making my model look even better. I will draw more ideas for what the high poly version of the model will look like. These drawings will be a front, side, top and back view of the model. Victoria has also given task to carry out after I have finished UV unwrapping such as making a high poly model and taking it into Substance Painter and adding textures to the model.

I have reviewed Victoria’s Axe that she has modelled. I have given her feedback on how she can improve her model. I told her that the top of the leather ribbon should be scaled down a bit to match the rest of the ribbon. I also told her that she could draw high poly version of the model so when she comes to making the high poly model she has a reference to look at and follow. I suggested to her to import it into Mudbox when making the high poly version and then import it over to Substance Painter to texture it.

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