Creative and Technical model update.

chest checker

Today I have continued working my model that is going to be used in the imagine worlds project. The task that I set myself today was to UV unwrap my model. The model isn’t completely UV unwrapped. I am still working on it. I have used new tools within the UV graph editor such as Shell Pre – Scale. This gave the UV’s a more accurate reading on the model. When I have completed UV unwrapping this model I will export it over to Mudbox where I will start the high poly version.

inside chest I have came across a few problems today. One of them being faces inside of faces. This problems usually happens when I extrude faces on my model. I am currently deleting these faces to get around this problem. When these faces have been deleted it will also be easy for me to finish UV unwrapping.

When the high poly model is complete I will take it into Substance Painter. In here I will add materials and maybe some smart materials.

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