Game Storyboarding.

game storyboardMario levels.jpgMarioToday I have been looking at the difference between a game storyboard and a film storyboard. My task today was to analysis a game and look for specific things within the game. The game I had analysed today was Super Mario Bros.

General Rules:

The rules in Mario are quite simple. Get from the beginning of the level to the end within three lives while avoid enemies such as turtles, plants and Goombas.


In the game Mario you have the main character Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser Todd and Luigi.


The game is a side scroller, 2D platform game. The levels are very colourful including trees and bushes in the background. Most of the levels are set outside and the others underground.


The goal in Mario is to complete each level with the most points as you can get and save Princess Peach from the enemy Bowser.

How the level progresses: 

The levels in Super Mario Bros progress as they get harder and harder the closer the player gets to the end of the game. The game becomes more and more of a challenge to the player.

Every film goes off a storyboard that has been created. Storyboards help the directors stay on track and what order to do scenes in. Some games however, don’s use storyboards. Some game draw one big image and go from that. When games use storyboards the storyboard artist need to always think about if the player will still be engaged in the story at this point. The artist also need to think about what elements should and shouldn’t be included in the storyboard.

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