Creative and Technical Model

Today I have started my creative and technical model. This model will be used in my imagine worlds project. The model I have decided to make is a medieval chest. My idea is to have this chest model placed outside of one of the houses within the imagine world.

Retopology is a new technique, used in Maya, I have looked into today. Topology is how the edges and loops are used that are on your model. Retopology allows me to re-arrange these edges and loops to how I feel fits best. The Retopology technique will give the model a more accurate bake. When using Retopology I need to make sure that everything is quads  and not triangles. Triangles can mess up the bake in the final result.







The chest that I have started to model I going well. I have made the base layout for the chest and a padlock to go with it. I have used many tools such as the insert edge loop tool, multi-cut tool, bevel tool and the extrude tool. My next step for this model is to UV unwrap it and then take it into the program Mudbox and make my high poly version. I will then take the model into Substance Painter and add materials to the model. When the materials have been added, I will bake the model and export it back into Maya ready to use for my imagine world project.

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