My Drawings.

In my free time I enjoy drawing. Most of the time I like to draw anything that interests me or a cool idea I get. Most of my drawings are pencil to paper but I do enjoying using Photoshop and a graphics tablet now and then. Some of my most recent drawings you can see I have used the blending technique. In my opinion, I think blending makes the art work look a lot more detailed and real.

With me focusing on 3D modelling and texturing I am going to draw things that relate to my work. For example, if I was modelling a lantern I will draw out a lantern before hand to use as a reference. I think doing it this way will help my work massively as with a drawing I can change areas to make it look as good as possible before I start the 3D model.



Deadpoolmonster under bedmixed lOTR characterBeagleReaper


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