Story setting.

Today I have drawn a character with inspiration from the film Lord of the Rings. The character I have drawn is a mix between Golem, Sauron and a person in a suit of armour. The character has been drawn in the program Photoshop.

Today I have also look at the setting, plot and theme in Lord of the Rings. The setting of Lord of the Rings is middle Earth. The plot of the film is to destroy the ring of power. There are many characters within the film, I will list a few, Frodo, Sam Wise, Merry, Gandalf, Pippin and Aragon. There is conflict in the film but between different people at different times. There is conflict between Frodo and the ring and also conflict between Good and the Evil. The resolution of Lord of the Rings is the Good wins and the ring is destroyed so Sauron dies.mixed lOTR character

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