Substance Painter Week 2

Today I have been using Substance Painter and developing my skills within the program. The turtle model that I had textures I have learnt how to bake the textures on the model. I have also learnt how to export the textures I have used. The textures can be exported to many programs like Unity and Unreal Engine.

I have been developing my knowledge about Substance Painter outside of college because I really enjoy using the program. I will also be getting a program called Substance Designer as in this program I can create my own masks for my models. I have been working on a model at home and texturing it. I am happy with the outcome and I will be going back to it to make it look even better. To make this look the way it is, I used many layers for each section of the model and sort the layers in folders and placed them into the order I wanted the textures to show.

statue man

I think I will always be using Substance Painter because in my opinion it is far better to texture models than Photoshop is. The reason I think it is better than Photoshop is because I can directly apply materials and smart materials to the model.

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