Group project – World Without Play.

In my second year of this NextGen course I want to focus more on modelling and level design. In the first year of this course I really enjoyed the modelling and level design areas. I will develop my skills in Unreal Engine over the next year. I will also use Maya a lot more to build my modelling skills.

Today I have started to planning for my next group project called Imagine Worlds. My project is not to include a character but have a moving camera that shows off everything in the world and make the place feel alive. The group have decided to go for a wizards chamber. The camera will start outside the chamber, go up to the door and when the door opens the camera moves into the room. The camera will always follow the same path however, when the camera comes out the chamber and goes back in the room will look different each time. Most of the assets in the room will be randomised in position every time the camera enters. Models like spoons and brooms will be animated to make the chamber feel alive. The weather will also be randomised every time to camera leaves the chamber. Non-diegetic and diegetic sounds will occur in the chamber as well as outside.

So far our group have worked well together and we have all agreed on what each person will be doing for the project.

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