Exploring In Unreal Engine.

unreal house.gif

Today I have had my first go using Unreal Engine 4. I think the program is very good as it offers a lot for first time users like myself.

I wanted to create an office like structure. To create this I have used different kinds of materials such as marble, wood and white. I have used some of the architecture models I was given to build the outline of the office. The pillars within the office were given to me also.

I am currently working on the garden outside the office. So far there is two large rock buried in some bushes. There is also a statue that I have added with a stone material added to it. I am wanting to add an upstairs to this office. The upstairs of this will include some models that I have modelled in Maya.

In the future I will make a more open world map. It will take place in the city including buildings, houses, cars and trees. I will model these in Maya and import them into Unreal Engine.

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