Head drawings.

heads art

In art I was set a project to draw heads. The build up to this included a lot of research. I researched a good technique to use when drawing heads. The technique I used was were you draw an oval for the head and draw a triangle roughly where you think the nose was. From there I worked out the distance the eyes and mouth were and drew them on. The nose also help me when I came to draw the ears. I had used this technique for the bottom three heads. I decided to draw Rick, Glen and Daryl from the TV show The Walking Dead. The skull I have drawn at the top of the page was drawn with no technique as I feel very confident when drawing skulls as I have drawn many of them. I have also drew a side view of a persons head. I had used the oval and triangle technique to help me draw this. The final thing I have drawn is the cartoon zombie. I had drawn this by looking at the image and them drawing it.

I am very happy with the outcome of these heads. This art project has helped me make my drawings I have drew since this look a lot more realistic.

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