Unity Top Down game Update.

unity hospital game

I have almost finished my top down unity game. Since the last update I have added brains to the enemies, the main character will now look the way he his moving, the enemies can shoot bullets and when you enter the line of sight they will aim at you and if you don’t hide in time they will shot you. If you get hit with a bullet or an enemy catches you will respawn at the start of the level.

The coding I have added.

Since the last update I have created four new C# coding scripts. Each script has its own job to do within the game. The scripts I have made are projectiles, auto fire, enemyAI and player controller. The enemyAI script includes all the code needed for the enemy to have a line of sight and also how it will react when the player enters it line of sight distance. When the player is outside an enemies line of sight the enemy will follow its waypoints path.

I am going to make a few more C# scripts and make the player look in the direction of the mouse and also when the player steps onto the teleporter the game will end. The aim of the game is to get to the teleporter without being seen. To make this easier I will added more walls in the game so the player can use them to his advantage.

enemy ai code

auto fire code

What I plan add.

In the future I want to add multiple level to my game so when you complete one level you will teleport to the next and so on after that. On each different level I will different enemies such as creatures like large deadly bugs.

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