Crash Bandicoot

crash bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is known for being a platform game. The game was released on September 9th 1996. Crash Bandicoot is my favourite and most played game of all time. The game was designed by two people called Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin during their time at Naughty Dog. The series has over 10 games has shipped and sold over 50 million copies worldwide. The game was published by a very well known company called Activision, who also publish all the Call of Duty games and Skylanders.

With the first game being made on the PlayStation 1 the developers had a restriction of 2MB of RAM. The developers had struggled fitting everything as some of the levels they had created were 10MB big. The developers needed to do something as the frame rate would drop below 30Hz. The programmer Andy had wrote a very good paging system for the game that would swap in and out 64k pages for the system. Fortunately the game had fit into the PlayStation 1 with 4 bytes to spare. That is 4 bytes out of 2097152.

Crash Bandicoot had made a commercial with the company Nintendo. Nintendo was and still is a very popular company. The commercial was said to  be aimed at 12 year olds. The developers believed that the language used within the game is suitable for 12 year olds. The developers also said that the game Crash Bandicoot would be a game that 12 year kids beg their parents for.

In 2017 the game series is still going. On the 30th of June a remastered version will be made called the N sane Trilogy. The game is said to be only playable on the PlayStation 4. The developers have been able to do this as the PS4 has way more RAM than the PS1 had.

ps1 control

The first ever Crash Bandicoot game was played on this controller shown above. This is the controller that was designed for PlayStation users. This controller was wired, so when you went on your PS1 you always needed to plug in your controller.

Now with the N sane Trilogy coming to PS4 in the near future players will be playing the game on the PS4 controller. The PS4 controller is wireless so no wires are needed.

PS4 control


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