Walking Animation

walking animation.gif

My new project in Maya was to create a walking character animation. I had went into this project not being showed how to animate a character walking. I have done research and watch tutorials on how I can do this.

I knew that you animate at 24 frames per second. I also go a picture of the walk cycle from the internet. Before I started to animate a certain part of the character I made the last frame the same as the first frame. This help a lot as I knew where the part of the body I was animating was going to finish. When I animated the legs I used the walk cycle image. This gave me a huge understanding of where the legs should be placed and at what time. In this animation every part of the body is animated. The legs, neck, head, hands, elbows, shoulders and the eyes are all animated.

To help get this animation right I used the graph editor a lot. The graph editor helped when I was trying to get the legs and the neck bounce the same distance apart and to the same height.

graph editor

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