Powers in After Effects

shooting lightening

Today in After Effects I have created my own video which includes special effects. To make this scene I used a green screen. Someone had filmed me when I was in front of the green screen doing my action. When I was happy with the video I brought it over onto my computer and imported it into After Effects. From here I trimmed down my video to 5 seconds long. I then brought in  my special effect and sync up the effect with my hands. The effect that I decided to use was a lightening bolt. The lightening bolt is meant to shot out of my hand when I add power behind it. The lightening bolt then shoots across to my other hand and I hold it for a few seconds.

As I filmed this in front of a green screen I added keylight to my main video. Within keylight I used to pen tool to change the green screen to black. As bright lights were stood in front of the green screen I used the screen matte tool to remove the bright light. When the green screen had completely disappeared I added an alleyway photo behind me. The final video is me standing in an alleyway shooting a lightening bolt from one hand to another.

I am happy with how this is coming along. The next step I want to take is making the lightening bolt track my hand. I will add a null object to my hand then parent up the lightening bolt to the null object.

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