Top Down Hospital Game Update 2

hospital movemnt

Today I have been working on my top down stealth game. As you can see from the GIF above I have the main character and the enemies moving. The character is controlled by either WASD or the arrow keys and the enemies follow a path called waypoints.

During the game if the character hits one of the enemies the character will spawn back at the beginning as the game restarts.

code for waypoints

The code above shows how the enemies follow the waypoints.

The army man below is an enemy that I will add to the game. This army man will also follow a similar path to what the zombies follow but he will be a little bit faster and he will also start to fire at my character if he enters his field of vision. I will design a bullet in Photoshop and make a prefab in unity. I will add code to the bullet so when the army man sees me he will shot and if the bullet hits the collider around my character the game will restart.

army man

To make my game look more like it is taking place in a hospital I will add beds to the map. I will also design little blood stain to place on the floor.

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