Head Model

Today, within the art lesson, I have modelled a head using plasticine. I have really enjoyed doing this task as it is the first model I’ve done using my hands and plasticine. The shape of the head is what I am most happy with. My idea was to have a head that looked like a human but was also a troll. To make my head look like this I added dints and scratches to the face to show that it wasn’t just a normal human face. I tried to make the cheek bones stand out to make the head look skinny. A part of the head that I had some difficulty making was the eyes. I couldn’t align the eyes properly and I couldn’t make them look more human eyes than troll eyes. After a few attempts of trying I finally made the eyes the way I wanted them.

To make my model better I could use a wider range of tools to get a more detailed sculpture. I could use a smoothing tool to make features of the head stand out a bit more.

I think modelling head will help me when it comes to using Mudbox. Mudbox is a program that allows you to model in 3D space just like the program Maya. I feel more confident now when modelling character heads.


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