Under Skin Effects in After Effects

underskin effect.gif

Today in After Effects I have created this animation. I started this projects just with a picture of this mans face.

To create this animation I started my making a new composition. I then set this animation to be tracked in another program called Mocha AE. Mocha AE is just the same as After Effects but it allows you to track forward and get a more accurate animation. Once I was happy I marked out the area I wanted to add the veins. I done this by using the pen tool in After Effects. Before adding the veins I added an effect called fractal noise. This is an effect that looks like smoke. I then drew around an area that I wanted from the smoke then added it to the head. When I was happy with the position of the smoke I added veins above the smoke. To blend the smoke and the veins I changed noise layer to Luma Matte. When this was done I got the effect called curves and added it to my main composition. I was then able to play around with the colour graph and make the colours that I want. This was the final result above.

An idea that I want to do is to add veins behind the eyes and have the colour yellow to look like lightning.

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