Top Down Hospital game.

hospital gameThe Gif above shows what I am currently working on in Unity. My task is to create a top down stealth game and when you are spotted the game resets, if you get shot the game resets and the goal of the game is the get to the end without being spotted.

So far I have made the character that I will be controlling in the game. I have also created the map layout which includes tiles on the floor and a wall surrounding the hospital. I have imported both the hospital and character texture into Unity. The game is 2D therefor I have added a 2D Rigidbody and a 2D box collider to my character. A 2D physics movement c# script was available to be used. I added the script to my character and it was able to move using either the arrows keys or WASD.

I plan to make 3 different kinds of enemies each one wearing a different coloured suit. I will finish the layout by adding walls and rooms for my character to go into and hide from the enemies. I would also try to have the character look in the direction I am walking.

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