Character Animation In After Effects.

As I have been learning more about character animation in After Effects, I have started an animation including a robot made within Illustrator. So far I have parented up the separate parts of the robot, for example, the arms to the body, the spring to the plunger and the head to the neck. I have also finished rigging this robot. Rigging allows the animation to perform more smoothly.after effects rigsafter effects robot new

I have now  added effects such as curves and angle controllers. The angle control effect allows me to control the way the arms move. To get this to work I added a new layer and called it control. Once this was added I ATL clicked on the stopwatch in the rotation section. I then paired one arm at a time to the angle controller.

The curves effect allowed me to bring the brightness of the background down. Another thing I added was an explosion. This explosion effect will be p[laces in front of the head and blow up shortly after the animation starts.after effects robotg

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