Finished Ident

My animation Ident is now fully complete. I am happy with how the animation has finished.

In my last Ident blog post I added a gif video. A lot more stuff has been added to my animation since that video. I animated the robot speeding up the ramp and jumping off the ramp. When the robot jumps off the ramp it crashes into a wall and then slowly falls down the wall and falls to the ground. When the robot hits the ground its legs, arms and wheel falls off.

Over the course of doing my ident I came across a few problems. One of the problems was arranging the hierarchy into parents and childs. Doinf this made the animation part easier to control. Another problem I had was adding a bend to the antener of my robot. When I added the bend it would not of let me bend the antener.

To make my animation look the best it possible could I batch rendered it. I used the program Premier to help with this. In Premier it would render each key frame separately in HD.

Now since my animation is finished everything is working fine and the animation runs smoothly.


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