Low Poly Model

castleIn Maya my new task was to model something low poly. L0w poly means to have a small number of polygons. This task was to be completed in groups. In my group there is 5 people who all have different tasks to do. My task is to create a castle with different towers around it. Also in our model there will be a car, landscape and grass. The landscape will have trees and bushes and the car is sort of futuristic.

For this task we need to try and have a low number of faces. To do this I have been going through all the different little models in my scene and deleting faces that are either in another model or that wont be scene in pictures.

With this castle I hope to add more detail to it. I will add a walkway from the centre of the castle to one of the edges. I think I will only have one flag with this as it is made up from a lot of faces. In the next lesson I will finish this castle model and begin to texture it. I will probably use a stone texture to make it look more real.

During the process of modelling I came across a few problems. One major problem I had was when I was to make a shape look more low poly like, the shape would twist inside itself. To fix this I made sure no faces were selected by accident and I also waited until I had lowered the divisions to make the shape bigger, smaller, thinner or wider.

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