Trigonometry and Class Diagrams.

Trigonometry is using maths to calculate the sides and angles of a triangle. The three different sides of a triangle all have their own name, the hypotenuse, the opposite and the adjacent. The hypotenuse always sits across from the corner with the 90 degree angle and is always the longest of the three sides of the triangle. A triangle also has three different names for each of its angles. The names are Sine, Cosine and tangent. The Sine (angle) = opposite/hypotenuse, the Cosine (angle) = adjacent/hypotenuse and the tangent (angle) = opposite/adjacent. The Sine, Cosine and tangent are all pre -written functions that you can use in most programs when coding.

An easy way of remembering the formulas to work out the angles and sides is : SOHCAHTOA.

SOH = Sine(angle) = opposite/hypotenuse

CAH = Cosine(angle) = adjacent/hypotenuse

TOA = Tangent(angle) = opposite/adjacent.

Radians are an alternative to degrees and are more commonly used in code. One radian is the angle covered by wrapping a circle’s radius around its own circumference.

Class Diagrams. A class is like a recipe or a blueprint. Class files map out all of the stats (properties) an object will need. They also explain the actions (functions) an object of that type of platform.


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