Animation analyse

I have decided to analyse this animation called For the Birds. The animation was made by Pixar. Whilst I was watching this animation I was looking out for the 12 principles of animation.

One of the 12 principles of animation I had found within this animation was squash and stretch. In the animation the birds run along the wire away from the big bird. The big bird then jumps in the middle of them causing the wire to bend almost down to the ground. As the wire is bent all the birds slide down the wire and get squashed between each other. Another principle I had found was secondary action. When the big bird had pulled the wire almost to the ground the birds start to peck the big birds fingers. The big bird finally lets go of the wire, but when he does the wire shoots up sending all the birds into the air. When the birds are thrown up all their feathers leave their body due to the speed they go up. The feathers are the secondary action. Another secondary action I have seen is been the big birds wait pulls the wire down. The secondary actions occurs when the birds slide down the wire.

I have also seen exaggeration in this animation. The exaggeration is when the wire is pulled almost to the ground. In real life this would not happen as there is copper in the wires.


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