My realistic room project

Submission Link:  room-project

For my college project I needed to either model a spaceship room or my room. I decided to model my room. I have really enjoyed doing this project because I like to use the Maya program to model things. Also doing this project I have have learnt a lot more about the tools in Maya. I have been using the insert edge loop tool to add more edges to my models, I  have also used the extraude tool to pull faces of shapes around and I have also been changing my camera angle of my models to give me a better view of what I am modelling and if different shapes are connected properly.

Within my room I have modelled a door, wardrobe, Chester draws, an Xbox 1, television, bed, lamp, photo frame, robot and a desk. Everything I have modelled I have UV unwrapped and textured. I have had more practice UV unwrapping and now I feel confident I can UV unwrap any other models I may do. UV unwrapping and adding textures to models make your models look much better than having them one basic colour. To add textures to my modles I copied the UV’s from my models and pasted them in Photoshop. Withim Photoshop I could get textures from the internet and overlap the textures on the UV’s. Once I had done this I went back onto Maya and added the texture for my model onto my model.

I will still be adding models to my room to make it the best it can be. I have a few ideas of what I could model and will be able to go into my realistic room.

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