Rooms – Home Project

For the home project that I was set i decided to make two rooms. One of the rooms is the armory where all the weapons and robots that i have modelled in Maya will be placed. The second room will the the control room. In this room will be a control panel which i will also model in Maya, a control desk that will be placed  in the center of the room and two robots on either side of the room standing guard. To get to each room there is a corridor running from room to room. To create these rooms i used the planes found in game object. The planes are used for the walls and the floors. Each plane has a box collider component to stop the player falling through the planes. I have also added space textures to the planes.

Since i decided to make a room in space i wanted the background to look like space. To do this i found a purple nebular sky in the asset store and dragged it onto the background of my scene in unity. When i had done this the full background changed to purple nebular. I think adding this purple nebular gives my rooms more of a space feel to them.

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