Corridor For Home Project

My home project task was to model a normal looking room or a spaceship room. I decided to model a spaceship room. I wanted to make it a walking simulator so I have places my models into unity. The first thing I modelled was a corridor that would lead to a room. The corridor is also the spawn point when you load up the map in unity.

Modelling the corridor did take me awhile but i am very happy with the outcome of it. When modelling the corridor i used tools that i never really had any practice with. For example, i used the insert edge loop tool a lot to make the doors look like they belong in a spaceship. I had also used the extrude tool to make the doors look more smooth around the edges. Whilst modelling the corridor i changed between three different views most of the time. These views were the perspective view, the side view and the top view. Each of these different views helped me when making the corridor.

Inside the corridor i decided to place another model that i had designed. I modelled a robot machine and i think it suits its placement inside the corridor.

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