Different types of light

Directional light

Directional light means when light is traveling in the same direction. Also directional light highlights certain object or working surface. Directional light is also sometimes provided by a stronger light source.

Ambient light

Ambient light can refer to 3 things – available light which is found in the environment, low – key lighting which is a photographic technique which uses a single key light and ambient light is also used in computer screens. Ambient light isn’t the best type of light and is known as bounce light.

Point light

Point light, also know as three point lighting is usually used in media such as TV, film, video and theatre. When filming indoors a lamp or camera flash will be the point of light. However, when  filming outside the sun is used as the point of light.


A spotlight is usually used on a stage. The spotlight is a narrow, intense beam that shines down onto someone or something. The spotlight also shows what is important that is on stage.

Area light

Area light is a source of light that shows a significant area, either indoor or outside.

Volume light

Volume light is a technique that is used in 3D programs such as Maya to add effects to a scene that is being rendered. It also shows beams of light shining through the environment. Also seeing sun beams shining through a window is another example of volume light.

Light intensity

Light intensity measures the wavelength of a light source in a particular direction.

Light colour


Light linking

Multiple light attached to one object and the same time. Linking lights help with the cheating method

Three point lightning

Three different types of light used in a scene. You have the key light, back light and the fill light. The fill light brightens up the shadows. The back light helps you see the outline of a character. The key light is the main light that helps the viewer see the character face.

Depth Map Shadow

Shadows help make the scene look more realistic. Depth Map Shadow is also limited by resolution. You can also use a filter to smooth out the shadows.

Ray Traced Shadows

Shadows that are being used in real-time. You can also get a see-through affect when using ray traced shadows








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