Games Made In The Flash Program

QWOP is a running simulator games that is based in the Olympics in a 100m sprint.. The games only allows you to use 4 letters on the keyboard Q,W,O and P. The game was made back in 2008 by a man called Bennett Foddy. QWOP was the first game put onto the This game helped reach 30 million hits. On July 27, 2011, QWOP was displayed at the  museum of modern in New York.

Canabalt is a side – scrolling endless running game made in 2009. The game was designed by a man named Adam Saltsman for an experimental game project. The game is playable on IOS, Android and on PC on a website called Kongregate. The game is very easy to understand as all you need to do is jump over objects and jump from building to building. The running character is also running from a threat that isn’t shown in the game. Canabalt was rated and 8/10 on IOS and rated 8/10 on Android.

Frog Fractions which was made in flash and released in 2012. The game was developed was the company Twinbeard Studios. The founder of the studio is called Jim Crawford. When the game was released it was described as a edutainment game genre. This game is also very easy to understand. At the start of the game you play as a frog trying to eat as many bugs as you can. As the game progresses and you are earning more points you are able to buy upgrades.



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