Adding Texture To Models

Using Photoshop I have added different textures to the UV’s of the model. I had getting these textures from Google. Another thing I had done to improve the model was I added a shade to the model to make it look more realistic.

Below is the net of the model. First I needed to make the background of my workspace black so my UV’s became visible. I then locked layers 1 and 2 and created a new layer for me to edit the UV’s. Once I had getting my layers sorted out in searched for good looking textures on Google. The textures I picked was an army texture, which was used for the bottom half of the model and fins, a glass texture for the window of the model and a rough  concrete texture used for the wings of the model.

I think there is still some areas of the model that still needs improving. I think I will add detail myself using the brush tool provided in Photoshop.



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