Making a game in Unity.

Toady in unity I have created and coded my first walking simulator game. The object of my game so far is to find a key to open the door and proceed to the next room. I used the program Maya to model objects that would be in rooms in real life. For example, a bed, cabinet, lamp, table and chairs. All these objects make my game feel more real. I have also added a 1sr person camera which allows the player to walk round the rooms in first person.unity-roomTo make my game work the way it is working at the moment I needed to do a bit of coding. The coding in my opinion is the hardest part of making my game. Within the code I added a line telling the key in the game to open the door when it is clicked by the player. Another line of code I added was to destroy the key when it is picked  up. coding-in-unity

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